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Italians really know their olive oil, and we think everyone should have at least one Italian olive oil in their cupboard. Apulian producers, Frantoio Muraglia, make fruity extra virgin olive oils from Coratina olives. Choose from intense or medium, and even choose a stunning terracotta bottle! They also make an unique smoked extra virgin olive oil for people who like something a bit different.
Roi Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil has delicate, almond-like flavours - great for drizzling straight over a leafy salad. Head to Sicily for a peppery olive oil made with Nocellare olives. Use Italian olive oil pressed with Sorrento lemons to add instant zesty flavour to pastas and salad dressings, or Italian olive oil pressed with hot red chillies to give a kick to pizza, bruschetta and fish dishes.