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Japanese chef knives are for people serious about cooking. The Senzo 33 knives are formed from 33 layers of Damascus steel, with a VG10 core. VG10 is one of the most popular stainless steels among professional chefs – they covet its hardness, ability to hold an edge and its resistance to rust. The blade has been cold forged under extremely high pressure, for a denser, tougher blade overall. 

The Damascus/VG10 combination gives you a knife that not only takes an exceedingly sharp edge, but is also easy to maintain. The knives have all of the sharpness you'd expect from high quality Japanese kitchen knives, but with a little more weight – for durability, but also for comfort.

The indentations at the top of the blade prevent fatty, oily or starchy foods from sticking to the knife. In between the stainless-steel bolster and hardwood handle, there is a thin ring of red – this is a heat resistant polymer that allows for temperature changes that may cause the knife and handle to expand or contract at different rates in the kitchen. So not only does it look great, but it protects your knife handle from splitting, too!